4 Best Safest Destinations to Travel During COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic outbreak has affected the industries and the business all over the world and is facing a huge question mark. The travel industry is no exception. Those times when you flew to Spain to watch the astonishing La Tomatina festival, racing to the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris, the fantastic food counters in India, the Italian Pizza mania, have become just a memory. Besides, we are all stuck at home (for a good cause) and playing online casinos and watching TV. Instead of enjoying a summer holiday at a beach, we are washing our hands every 20 minutes and drinking warm water to keep fit. The plans are all cancelled, if possible to travel at the time of coronavirus, what and how will we travel safe?

Dusty World Map

All of a sudden, the world feels like a wrinkled resin. When the countries around the globe are facing lockdown and a massive halt in progressing, Antarctica is the only continent where the coronavirus has not yet taken a toll. When all of us are enjoying the peacefulness at home, our mind is travelling to the nearby restaurant to seven seas across. It is time to note the places down the places where the virus has not been infected severely.


The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, is one of the many places where the cases of the virus are fewer. The country is opening its travel places and its borders from July 1st. They are taking immense care and protection to keep the citizens as well as the travellers safe. Even though the healthcare industry in the country is rethinking the option, we can expect a good result and hospitality during these tough times. The country is very famous for its culture, diversity, and proposes an awe factor altogether.



Who doesn’t love the idea of historical Greece? Corfu is a fantastic island in Greece. The country is one among the least affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The mesmerizing island destination calls for a relaxing nature to everyone who wishes to visit. The country is opening its borders from July 1st onwards, and you don’t have to worry about quarantine, as they do not request you to undergo.


Being the less affected country, Croatia, Cavtat is the destination for all. Inhabiting with lovers, families, and exotic nature, Cavtat is the perfect destination for everyone. The country does not request you to undergo quarantine and reopens its borders from July 1st onwards.



All around the European countries, Cluj-Napoca is the least affected one. It is one of the best destinations around Europe you must visit at least once in a lifetime. The country has taken severe measures to ensure the safety of travellers and citizens. The state does not request you to undergo quarantine but enjoying with social distance is a must.

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